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Fabian has performed in a wide array of projects; commercials, series', feature films and shorts. He began his carreer in the theater, taking on such roles as Tom Robinson in To Kill A Mockingbird and other leading roles in community theatrical plays.

His strong voice and handsome features lend well to prominent character roles such as bosses, leaders and overall influential types.

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As a youngster in a lower / middle class neighborhood I didn’t get to go to a movie in the theater until I was in high school. Even then, we piled as many kids in the car as we could and went to a drive-in theater because it was affordable. We were paying by the carload! I was fascinated by the actor performances and became interested (actually, obsessed) with the annual Academy Awards telecast. (I am still a relentless fan so don’t contact me during the awards ceremony).

After I graduated from college I took a job in California. I was in heaven. I visited Universal Studios over and over. Whenever someone from out of state wanted to visit me I took them to Universal. I dreamed of being a foley artist. Not having the stature of a runway model I kept trying to figure out how I could fit into the world of movie production. One day I was in a store that sold picture frames. The frames had photos of people of various ages, genders and ethnicities. It opened my mind to unlimited possibilities. 

In 2010 I was given a walk-on part in an NBC TV series. Interestingly, through other cast members, I learned about the magnificent world of independent films. That same year I was offered a part in Lee Gordons’s production of “Free Your Sins.” I have had the pleasure of working with Lee on numerous projects. I am so honored to be a part of “I Do.”

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Kelsie Key is known for her work on the hit television series Queen of the South (2016), Infiltrator (2017)

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Larry was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and has been married to actress/teacher, Tracy Dotson, since 1984.

After taking early retirement, Larry began to professionally pursue acting. After doing many extra and bit parts in TV and movies such as Rain, A House Divided, Prison Break, Inspector Mom, and a number of student films, he was signed by Core Talent in Dallas.  Shortly thereafter, Larry was also signed by Landrum Arts LA in Louisiana. Larry is now represented by  TAG Talent Agency of Austin and Linda McAlister Talent in Dallas.

Some of Larry’s supporting and lead TV and film roles include Dr. Bill in “American Stud”, ambulance chasing attorney Tim Badler in “Black Mold Exposure”, eccentric farmer Michael Mosca in “What Is Gothic?”, Dr. Charles Brandon in “The Sisters Four”, Tom Mosely in “The Stopping Place”, Doc Moran in the western “Shroud”, and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg in “The Genesis of Healing”.

Larry recently had a supporting role of a sheriff in the popular NBC show, Friday Night Lights and was featured as Jack Ruby in JFK: The Ruby Connection for The Discovery Channel.

Larry just completed the Richard Linklater directed feature film film, “Bernie” in the supporting role of Reverend Woodard staring  Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey, and Shirley MacLaine. He also played Father Campbell in the feature film to be released summer 2011 “Humans vs Zombies” directed by Brian Jaynes.

Larry will play Lowrie in the feature film, “Deep in the Heart” directed by Christopher Cain and staring Jon Gries in Feb. 2011.

When asked what role he would most like to play or which director he would like to work with Larry said,

“The Next One!”

“ I am always looking for that next challenging role and new experiences”

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